Meadow Brook Foundation

Since its inception in 2002, the Meadow Brook Foundation, a non-profit recognized by the IRS, has been imbued with a profound sense of purpose: to uplift and support Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility. With the support of our generous community through fundraisers and donations, we have been able to focus on nurturing our Career Enhancement Program. This initiative is our love letter to our dedicated Meadow Brook staff members who dream of a career in healthcare, whether as RNs, LPNs, in Billing, Payroll, Medical Records Social Work and various other roles!

In a world where nursing shortages are becoming increasingly prevalent, our foundation is stepping up. We are committed to ensuring Meadow Brook continues to have a skilled workforce that can provide top-tier resident care. But this program isn’t just about us. It’s about offering our employees the chance to soar, to expand their horizons, and to open doors to new career opportunities.

For those employees who join us on this journey, we offer full tuition reimbursement, regular wages, and benefits even as they chase their academic dreams. Our only request? That they continue to work part-time each week. And if they choose to stay with us at Meadow Brook for three years post-graduation, we consider all expenses repaid.

We are grateful for the support we’ve received and are excited about the progress we’re making. Every donation moves us closer to our shared goal: a thriving, skilled, and dedicated workforce for Meadow Brook. Let’s keep growing together. Thank you for your continued support.