Our Employee Success Stories


Teressa Potter – Clinical Care Coordinator

Teressa began her career at Meadow Brook in May 2006 and has garnered many titles since then. Teressa began working as a CNA and also worked as a Restorative Aide. In 2013, Teressa received assistance from the Meadow Brook Foundation to complete her LPN. After completion of her LPN, Teressa received tuition assistance to further her education with an MDS certification. From there, she became an MDS Coordinator for Meadow Brook. Teressa didn’t stop there though! She continued her education journey to pursue her RN, to which the Foundation supported her with $800.00 a semester. Upon graduation in 2020, Teressa became a Clinical Care Coordinator and just recently received her Nursing Home Administrators License.

“Every Foundation contract is different and geared toward the specific needs of the applicant. Instead of tuition, I received a 40 hour paycheck that allowed me to support my children while going to school full-time and working only two days a week. As a single mom, I can’t stress how huge this was for me!”

Teressa actively recommends the Meadow Brook Foundation to employees. “The Foundation provides an amazing opportunity for career advancement in nursing or other fields. It focuses on empowering our staff to advance and reach their fullest potential.”


Alysa Ohneck – Accounts Receivable

Alysa began her career at Meadow Brook when she completed the CNA class in January 2006.

In 2017, the Meadow Brook Foundation awarded Alysa tuition assistance to pursue Medical Coding. In May 2019, Alysa graduated from North Central Michigan College with her certificate in billing and coding. She soon after accepted a position working in the Finance Department.

Alysa states, “I have learned so much over the years since my career change. At this point, I have no plans on continuing my education further. I am happy where I am at.”

Alysa absolutely recommends the Meadow Brook Foundation to future and current employees. “The foundation helped me financially, to be able to go back to school. I was able to concentrate on my studies and not stress about taking out student loans. Not only do you get help financially, but you are guaranteed a great job after you graduate.”


Callista Underwood – Assistant Dietary Supervisor

Callista began her career at Meadow Brook in June 1995, as an irregular part-time Dietary Aide. After graduating from high school, Callista accepted a full-time position in the Dietary department. In 2005, she applied to the Meadow Brook Foundation and was awarded financial assistance to obtain her Certified Dietary Manager Certification. Fast Forward to 2010, and Callista accepted her current position as Assistant Dietary Supervisor.

“The Meadow Brook Foundation helped me achieve my goal of becoming a Certified Dietary Manager as well as Certified Food Protection Professional. In 2013, I also received my CNA license to help me do my job better and be more help to the residents. I am happy to do my job and with my career at Meadow Brook and couldn’t imagine myself working anywhere else.” 

Callista recommends the Meadow Brook Foundation, “To help with any kind of schooling if you want to advance in a career at Meadow Brook. Having the Meadow Brook Foundation to help with the cost of schooling takes stress and worry about having to pay for 100% of any schooling. Making career advancement at Meadow Brook achievable.” 


Mariah Hersha – RN Charge

Mariah began her career at Meadow Brook in February 2019. She took the CNA class and became a Certified Nurse’s Aide. At the same time, Mariah was attending college finishing her pre-requisites with the goal of getting into the Nursing Program.

In 2021, Mariah was accepted into the Kirtland Community College Nursing Program. The Meadow Brook Foundation awarded her a Nursing Scholarship that paid 100% tuition. Mariah worked on the floor as a CNA part-time while still receiving full-time benefits. This afforded her the opportunity to complete the Nursing Program with honors in May of 2023!


Mellisa Vasold – LPN Supervisor

Mellisa began her career in June 2009, as a Certified Nurse’s Aide. In 2015, the Meadow Brook Foundation awarded Mellisa tuition assistance to pursue her nursing degree. In May 2018, she achieved her goal of becoming a nurse when she graduated from Northwestern Michigan College as an LPN. As of 2023, Mellisa was promoted to Midnight LPN Supervisor.

“The Meadow Brook Foundation helped me achieve my goal by taking some of the financial stress off of my load. They paid for my books so I could focus on my goal to get into the Nursing Program.” 


Michelle Gaylord – LPN Staff Development Coordinator

Michelle began her career at Meadow Brook 37 years ago when she started as a Nurse’s Aide in June 1986. Michelle then transitioned to Ward Clerk and began taking classes to become a nurse. In September 1999, Michelle received her LPN and worked as a floor nurse until 2006, when she accepted the position as Staff Development Coordinator.

“I have worked at Meadow Brook for 37 years in different capacities. I have enjoyed them all. The best part is taking care of the residents and making their life happy. I have learned many things in my years here, have seen many changes in policies, the residents and staff. I was also given the opportunity to be involved with Infection Control at the facility. Administration has always been there for me when life handed out lemons. It has been my pleasure to work here and I will be retiring in December. The end of an era for me.”

Michell also state that, “I would definitely recommend using the Foundation to assist with college education. The extra help is priceless, helping with money and health insurance. Then to be able to hone in and learn the craft of being a nurse at Meadow Brook is extra special.”